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Free migration from your current host.

Don't want to bother your self with moving your site from your current host to us? Do not worry, we will do it for you for free, this new service will definatly save you time and reduce the pains of switching providers.


WebGUI hand holding service officially announced

We have always had a policy of answering all WebGUI related questions, but now that is an officially stated policy, check out our front page to see how this service can help both those that are old and new WebGUI users. Now is the best time to tell your friends about our service.


New Flash based Plesk 7.5 Reloaded Tutorials

To make your life easier we now have simple to use flash tutorials that take you step by step through some of the more commonly used Plesk funtions like creating an email box. You can check these out in the support section, we have also added a downloadable plesk user manual for those that want all the juicy details.


Better backup system

We have improved our back up system. We now back up all user sites twice per week to a remote server located in anther continent. Thus even in the case of natural disasters we will still have a copy of your site to get it back up and running in the shortest possible time.


New ticket based support system being tested

If you post a support request through the online support form, a support ticket is now automatically generated on a special support system that allows us to better track your requests. This should lead to better handling of all your support requirements.


Double Storage for free even for existing clients

Storage is becoming cheaper, so we are passing along that to you. Now all our existing and new clients will get more than double the storage on all accounts.


New Higher perfomance servers

After one month of testing, all hosting accounts have now been moved to newer higher performance servers in a better connected data center. You can check out the new data center specs in the Hosting Facilities section. The new servers have dual processors, twice the ram and SCSI hard drives for much faster database access. The new servers also feature the latest Plesk 7.5 Reloaded hosting control panel as well as the latest stable versions of Apache and Mod_Perl for the fastest possible web application performance.



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