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Facilities available to our servers.


  • We are connected to the Internet via 14 redundant, full-duplex fiber-optic connections to multiple backbone providers.
  •  Redundant BGP4 routers.

Data Center: 

  • A tradition of world-class telecom and data services.
  • A seismically and meteorologically stable geographic area.
  • Large reserves of fiber network capacity.
  • The availability of highly-educated and skilled IT engineers.




·         Hardware Intrusion Prevension System ( IPS ) monitors hacking attempts and stops them in real time

·         FireWalls for added security

·         Offsite backups in another continent, ensure data continuity.

·         Redundant HVAC temperature control systems

·         Smoke and moisture alarms

·         Advanced fire suppression systems

·         Motion sensors and security cameras

·         Trip wire security on servers to deter hackers



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