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WebGUI upgrades

When do you upgrade WebGUI to newer versions?
WebGUI is an excellent open source application. But like all software its new releases are prone to bugs and human error. We do not immediately upgrade to newer versions. First of all we do one or two test upgrades on our own sites and after that we test it for two weeks. This process usually takes one month.


Will new versions change my website?
If you take our design recommendations there will be minimal if any negative impact on your web site. But you must abide by our guidelines for that. You will generally notice new or changed functionality but that usually has minimal impact if any.


I do not want my site to be upgraded to newer versions.

We usually do not allow that since we use ModPerl for added performance and a server can not have multiple versions of WebGUI if ModPerl is enabled. If it is absoulutely necessary for you to run on a fixed version of WebGUI we could disable ModPerl for a fee that reflects the added server load due to the slower execution of normal perl. So your site will run slower and you will be paying more. Another alternative is to request a dedicated WebGUI server. This will allow you more flexibility and enterprise level performance.


Guidelines for WebGUI customization.

Changing existing modules or adding new ones.

Since WebGUI is open source you can change modules, libraries and Wobjects. Any such changes will be deleted when we upgrade to new versions. If you need modified Wobjects, copy the source objects and do the modifications on your copies, make sure to name the new Wobjects with unique names that show your identity. For example if there is an article.pl Wobject file renaming it to advancedarticle.pm is still risky since such a name could be included in a future release. But renaming it to investmentegyptarticle.pl is safe.

Also we need to add that we will not support such module changes. And reserve the right to remove any modules that destabilize the server or try to circumvent any security measure. You should also inform us of any such changes.

If you need such flexiblity you will need a developer account which has a surcharge of 5$ for such flexiblity.

Changing existing styles.

If you like one of the existing styles you should copy the style in WebGUI, copy all needed images and files to a new directory and edit your changed style to reflect that change. That way whenever we upgrade your WebGUI your changed files will not be overwritten by the new ones.

Changes to WebGUI.conf

Do not edit directly your WebGUI.conf file. Any changes you need if any should be communicated to us and we will do such changes free of charge if we deem them safe.

Changing Authentication to LDAP.

You can change authentication to your own LDAP server elsewhere but such changes will not be supported by us. We could as an added service provide you with an LDAP server but the cost of such a solution is not cheap. You have to realize that if you run your own LDAP server whenever your server is down your users will not be able to log in WebGUI.


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